General Terms & Conditions

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By making a Health & Happiness with Hypnotherapy, hereinafter referred to as ‘HCube’, for an initial consultation, an Express-Hypnosis session or a hypnotherapy session, hereafter referred to as a ‘session’, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as follows:-

Hypnotherapy Sessions

 Each standard hypnotherapy session lasts approximately 50 to 60 minutes and each Express-Hypnosis session lasts 20, 30 or 40 minutes as booked.

All session fees are payable in advance as only full payment secures the booking.

Payment methods accepted are: Bank Transfer or PayPal. Bank details are available on request.

Invoices are issued


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to HCube – please see our Privacy & Data Protection Policy for details on how data is collected, stored and used. Any information that is collected from you as a potential client or client, including contact details is held in the strictest of confidence and will never be shared with external parties without your express permission with the following exceptions:

Self-Harm: HCube may need to contact your GP if it appears that you are suicidal or intend to carry out serious self-harm.

Abuse/Injury to a Minor: HCube is legally required to report any abuse towards a minor to the appropriate authorities should you divulge any such information.

In order to meet Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements, anonymous case histories are sometimes discussed with peer-support groups and supervisors. Please note that no personal details are ever shared. On some occasions you may be asked if you consent to your session being audio recorded. These recordings are only used by HCube in order to prepare future sessions for you, and/or to discuss with a supervisor. All audio recordings are destroyed following session preparation and/or the relevant supervisory session. You are not obliged to agree to the recording of your session, and if you do not then your decision will be respected and will not affect your therapy. If you agree but later change your mind, please submit this decision in writing, at which point any audio recordings will be destroyed and confirmation provided to you of this.

Therapy Duration

A committed and motivated client is likely to achieve their realistic goals. A cure is not guaranteed, and it would not be ethical to make this claim. A guide to therapy duration and the number of sessions required will be provided at the initial consultation however this will be regularly reviewed during your therapy and any changes to this will be discussed with you.

Therapy duration and number of sessions estimates are based on those provided to previous clients, however as all clients and conditions are unique these estimates are subject to change.


The information contained on this website is for information only and it should not be considered as medical advice.

By browsing this website you agree to comply with and be bound by theWebsite Usage Terms & Conditions which are in Section B of the Privacy & Data Protection Policy.