Hypnotherapy Techniques

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Acting as if

When we want to make a change in our lives, we are likely to be successful if we can do this in every correct way possible. For example, if you want to be a non-smoker, it is best that you act as if you quit smoking for a long time and when you also think, talk and feel like a non-smoker, it becomes much easier to remain free. When used in hypnotherapy, this technique can help you condition your mind to achieve these sweeping changes.

Acting as if


This technique is similar to ‘Acting as if,’ it involves by choosing someone we consider to be a great role model it can be a great sportsperson, a skilled speaker and doing our best to be just like the role models. The idea of this technique is that the more that we make ourselves be like them, then it is easier to achieve what they do.


In some circumstances, we would like to ‘switch on’ certain feelings which include calmness, confidence, etc. This technique enables us to do this by linking a simple action or an event, to a time when we used to be in that useful position. Then, when we want to bring that useful state back, we can use the action to revoke it once more.


When we concentrate our minds on a factor that exists at this moment and do it without judging the factor, then we’re using the technique, Mindfulness. The benefits of practicing this technique are considerable, and we can incorporate aspects of it within many of our self-hypnosis findings. It improves our ability to study, focus, and work. Further, our usual automatic judgments control us less, helping us to change our thinking more easily. For example, we can deal with a memory more easily when we can choose what we want to think about it.

Creative Visualization

With the combined power of hypnosis, creative visualization can help you to create a lasting and rapid change, which is why we use it extensively within our findings. When we picture something in our minds, the deeper part of the brain cannot tell the difference between that reality and image. So, by imagining your business has become more successful, will be accepted as true by the subconscious. As a result, you will have a better belief that you can achieve this outcome.


Our minds can sometimes learn to have some unjustified feelings. Phobias are a prime example of these feelings where the brain creates a link between an object and fear. Hypnotherapy can, however, help the mind break this connection between the object and fear through a process called desensitization. Frequently this technique involves imagining the object when it is calm and allowing the mind to undo that destructive learning gradually.