About Us

You are interested in hypnotherapy, it is crucial that you enquire closely into the qualifications and experience of any potential hypnotherapist.

There is no legal regulation of the professions of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the United Kingdom. That means that anyone can set themselves up as a practising therapist without even having any real qualifications or experience.

To protect yourself, I would ask any potential therapist the following questions.

1. Are you a current member of a professional body that guarantees your competency and ethical conduct?

I am a member of several such organisations as listed below. Be careful to independently check the size and reputation of the organisation – most or all should have a website.

2. Are you in full-time or part-time practice?

Nothing wrong with being part-time, but would you prefer your GP, solicitor or financial advisor to be a full-time professional or someone who does it as a sideline? I believe you will be better served by a full-time professional therapist like myself.

3. How much training have you had?

It is possible to obtain a hypnotherapy qualification by completing a correspondence course without having actually hypnotised anyone. Would you be comfortable with a plumber who had read a lot of books but never actually touched a boiler getting to work on your central heating? Details of my extensive live training in hypnotherapy are provided below.

“Membership of Professional Organisations”

As a trained professional, I am proud to be a member of the following organisations:

The Hypnotherapy Association is one of the UK’s leading independent accrediting bodies for hypnotherapy. I am a Licentiate Member, bound by the rules and ethics of the Association.

The General Hypnotherapy Register is a central register for hypnotherapists establishing according to Department of Health guidelines. I hold their General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP).

The Society of NLP provides world-wide quality control in NLP. I am certified as a Trainer, having trained with Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Paul McKenna.

The Association for Meridian Therapies was established in 1998 to standardise the practice of meridian and energy therapy in the UK. I am a Member and Practitioner of Meridian Therapies.